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Seeking to solve business issues with the abilities grounded in science and engineering

Assume a company planning to open a new Internet shop. At the design stage, it is necessary to investigate the related market and analyze the needs and preference of the customers. The company should decide the specifications and the investment required to develop the Web system on the basis of the results. In the development stage, a company received the order for developing the Web system should make a development plan from the following viewpoints: manpower planning to make the project a success, project management and risk management to keep the deadline, and so on. The Faculty of Social Systems Science provides an interdisciplinary education program. The program includes not only management engineering but also management science, business administration and computer science. The program is generally focused on a systematic approach to solve social systems and managerial problems. Students will gain knowledge and skills needed to advance their careers as professionals in various business fields such as system design, planning, data analysis,marketing,sales promotion, finance, accounting,system development, project management, quality management, etc.