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Department of Advanced Materials Science and Engineering

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Training experts who can propose new possibilities for materials

Advanced Materials Science and Engineering

Advanced Materials Science and Engineering

Development and evolution of materials are indispensable for enhancing industrial technology capability. For example, skyscrapers such as the Tokyo Skytree(R), which is the tallest structure in Japan, is made possible by significant improvement in the strength of structural materials such as steel and iron materials. High performance motors for next-generation electric vehicles (EV) and fuel cell vehicle are realized by developing high performance permanent magnets. Modern ICT society is also supported by improvement of various materials through developing mass storage devices, high-speed communication cable, and so on. It would be no exaggeration to say that the evolution of materials improve the quality of our daily lives.
The department of advanced materials science and engineering offers students extensive knowledge in development and utilization of materials. Students acquire practical abilities necessary for being the expert of the materials science and engineering through experiments and practical training. Furthermore, we aim to cultivate engineers who have mastered recycling-oriented manufacturing with consideration for the global environment and sustainable development.