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Faculty of Creative Engineering

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Akihiro Teraki

Dean of the Faculty of Creative Engineering
Akihiro Teraki

Looking at people’s lives to create a more comfortable living environment

The Faculty of Creative Engineering was launched in 2016. It is comprised of the Departments of Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering, and Design. We deal with things ranging from those small enough to hold or smaller to those that can only be viewed from space. We also deal with things that can’t even be held or touched. Our work is characterized by the fact that we often manufacture and create things under limited conditions and in settings that change every day. As a result, we need to create by relying on our techniques, knowledge, and experience in ways that depend on the situation. Sometimes group work is given priority over individual work. We need the ability to fight our way through various situations. The Faculty of Creative Engineering encourages motivated and hardworking students to acquire not only high-level specialist knowledge but also familiarity with various fields and the ability to apply their skills flexibly.