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Department of Advanced Robotics

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Refining our knowledge and skills of creating things as we pursue cuttingedge robotic research and development

Advanced Robotics

Advanced Robotics

When robots are mentioned, most people picture cars being assembled or robots assisting in a disaster-stricken area, but actually, washing machines, rice cookers, and vending machines can be considered robots, too. Recently, there’s been a rapid evolution in self-driving cars with sensors, artificial intelligence, and applications of control and other robot-related technologies. To develop robots, one must learn how to combine and apply knowledge and skills in all types of engineering, including mechanical, electronic, and information. This requires a lot of hard work, starting from your first year of university, but persisting through trial and error is a great way to learn robotics. Dedicating yourself to creating robots in this stimulating environment for four years is sure to open up a future path for you.