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Department of Life Science

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Stimulating student curiosity in the challenging and profound field of life science

Life Science

Life Science

Life science covers a wide variety of topics, ranging from research on DNA, RNA, biological tissue and the evolution of life, to studies from individual organisms to ecosystems. In the Department of Life Science, our diverse teaching staff with backgrounds in biology, medicine, agriculture, chemistry, and other subjects conducts research under the banner of engineering, which aims for practical application. Through experimentation, seminars, and other classes, students will learn about the development of new drugs and cosmetics, genetic testing, environmental analysis, and other practical and advanced skills that will allow them to play an active role in the fields of science and engineering. Many of these fields are relatively unknown, and there’s a wide range of cutting-edge research, so it’s important to use critical thinking and have an inquiring mind to find optimal solutions. We aim to stimulate students’ curiosity and enthusiasm towards life science and to train engineers that can play an active role in many fields.