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Educational & Academic Purposes of the Graduate School of Engineering
The Graduate School of Engineering provides students with the opportunity to learn and acquire a variety of specialized knowledge and skills at a high level in engineering fields that include mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, information and communication systems, applied chemistry, and so on. Furthermore, our aim is to provide our students with a well-rounded education necessary for highly specialized engineers, the ability to take the initiative, use examples to explain their own ideas logically, communicate to facilitate teambuilding, in addition to various other capabilities and competencies not limited to scholarship. We guide them to develop to be professionals capable of utilizing technology to contribute to global culture and the engineering field.

Master’s Program

Master’s Program in Mechanical Engineering

Students acquire extensive specialized knowledge through a broad study of mechanical engineering that encompasses material dynamics, mechanical dynamics, thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, machining, design and other subjects. Moreover, as students pursue lab exercises and research activities, they develop the ability to put knowledge into practice as well as high-level manufacturing craftsmanship competency and problem-solving ability. The program produces the outstanding specialized engineers that society requires and who are able to seek out social issues and take the initiative to find solutions in a free-thinking manner not bound by simply an engineering perspective.

Master’s Program in Innovative Mechanical and Electronic Engineering

From a basis of fundamental mathematical and physics knowledge, students acquire broad high-level knowledge of mechanical engineering as well as electrical and electronic engineering. Moreover, the practical labs and research activities that students conduct help them in acquiring practical skills so that they may improve their capabilities to be able to create advanced engineering products. We train advanced engineers to embody them with initiative and cooperativeness and to possess the comprehensive capability, which requires knowledge of both mechanical engineering as well as electrical and electronic engineering, in order for them to formulate ideas for innovative engineering products and then implement those ideas through planning, design and production.

Master’s Program in Advanced Materials Science and Engineering

Students acquire high-level specialized knowledge about material engineering pertaining to a range of structural materials, functional materials, and other areas, and they research the development of new materials as well as rethink the ways in which existing materials are used. In addition, students are engaged in practical lab work and research activities that enable them to acquire competency in manufacturing craftsmanship as well as problem-solving abilities. Students are educated to become highly specialized engineers capable of wielding their flexible thinking and capability to detect problems and then manufacture and manage high-quality materials as well as develop advanced materials in a range of industrial fields.

Master’s Program in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

The high-level study of specialized knowledge and skills relating to electrical and electronic engineering produce master engineers having both advanced expertise and skills. Moreover, as students pursue research activities and lab exercises that emphasize the practical, they develop into engineers capable of utilizing their exceptional specialized knowledge to support a variety of technologies such as electrical energy-related technologies, power conversion-related technologies, electronic materials and sensor-related technologies, measurement and control technologies, as well as other technologies that make up the foundation of an energy-conserving and advanced information-oriented society.

Master’s Program in Information and Communication Systems Engineering

From a basic knowledge of mathematics, physics, and electric circuit design, students acquire specialized knowledge, engage in practical lab work as well as research activities to enhance their expertise. Moreover, one aim of the program is to improve students’ ability to think logically to convey their thoughts in an easy-to-understand manner as they present the basis for their ideas and maintain the capability to respond flexibly while understanding their own roles and engaging in appropriate communication within their teams. We seek to educate engineers with the capability to demonstrate high-level competencies in engineering fields ranging from hardware to software for constructing information communication systems.

Master’s Program in Applied Chemistry

Students learn knowledge and skills in a wide variety of specialized fields at an advanced level, including organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, analytical chemistry, and other fields, and they acquire creative and problem - solving competencies through practical lab work and research activities. Moreover, the program seeks to develop advanced specialized engineers capable of wielding high-level expertise and skills so as to form the practical skills and creativity to create new substances, manage the quality of a variety of substances, and design materials.

Doctoral Program

Doctoral Program in Engineering

The doctoral program has been established for students who have a master’s degree, anticipate receiving one shortly, or are professionals with equivalent achievements and experience. The aim of this program is to train researchers and senior engineers maintaining advanced specialization and a broad perspective with the capability to flexibly address a range of issues that modern society faces from a global perspective. With the goal of developing such professionals, the program is comprised of research areas that allow the candidate to contribute to the development of science and technology today while taking into consideration of continuity with the CIT’s Graduate School of Engineering Master’s Program across a range of specialized fields. The purpose of the program is to develop young researchers and senior engineers that have the insight, creativity, and ability to perform and employ foresight to provide rational solutions within an environment outfitted with a full complement of research facilities and working together with faculty members who possess a wealth of experience and have engaged in advanced activities in Japan as well as overseas.