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Graduate School of Advanced Engineering

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Educational & Academic Purposes of the Graduate School of Advanced Engineering
In the Graduate School of Advanced Engineering, students engage in research where they make use of comprehensive specialized knowledge and skills at an advanced level while maintaining a broad perspective to derive new solutions and adapt to changes in the times such as globalization and progress in science and technology, including in the fields of robotics where they conduct on intelligent machines, life sciences including biotechnology, as well as intelligent media such as AI which holds keys to our future. The two-year program is built on knowledge of fundamental engineering areas, ethics that highly specialized engineers should maintain, and an understanding of their social responsibility. The program is designed to enable students to become more proficient in logical thinking, presentation, and other skills so that they will be able to take the initiative to put those elements into action.

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Master’s Program

Master’s Program in Advanced Robotics

In conjunction with proficient knowledge and skills in the fundamental engineering fields of mechanical, electric and electronic, information, and control, students master approaches for applying these competencies in an integrated manner as well as techniques of practical mechanical design, electric and electronic circuit design, programming, and control system design, and, in the process, acquire a more profound understanding of the principles of robotics. Moreover, through practical lab works and research activities, we seek to educate professionals possessing the competence to wield advanced specialized knowledge relating to control technologies and artificial intelligence, which may potentially enhance the convenience of human life.

Master’s Program in Life Science

Graduates of the Master’s Program in Life Science will possess advanced specialized knowledge that is founded upon a fundamental knowledge of life science and related fields as well as the competence to apply this knowledge from multiple life science-related perspectives. The master’s program develops in students the ability to drive research and development demanded by society. In addition, we educate advanced engineers who will be competent in leveraging research and development on biotechnologies, such as embryonic stem cells and induced pluripotent stem cells, to find solutions to issues within the parameters of bioethical constraints through creative design and systematic high-quality problem-solving ability.

Master’s Program in Advanced Media

The Master’s Program in Advanced Media provides students with a more profound knowledge of media engineering, network data engineering, and information design, and enables them to acquire advanced specialized knowledge, skills and abilities. Along with the ability to collaborate with others to facilitate group work, students acquire the capability to plan and develop comprehensive high-quality intelligent media engineering systems. We educate and develop advanced engineers possessing the capability to integrally apply such aspects and serve as design engineers ascertaining the needs of society and their clients across the entire manufacturing process.