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Alumni Association

An organization founded in 1947 with graduates as regular members, current students as student members, and faculty as faculty members. The activities are aimed to promote friendship between the members, exchange of knowledge and the development of the CIT. The organization has its headquarters within the CIT, and it maintains a network of 59 chapters nationwide. It issues a bulletin, the Alumnus Times, collaborates with PPA and provides assistance and cooperation with club OB reunions, class reunions, extracurricular activities for current students, and job hunting. The nationwide chapters provide information and active support for job-seekers looking for the job in their hometowns.

Parents and Professors Association (PPA)

Established in 1949, the PPA is designed to use the collaboration of parents and professors to help increase the level of education and research at the Chiba Institute of Technology, to promote friendship and cultural enrichment among members, and to enhance the welfare of professors, graduate students, and undergraduate students. The collaboration between parents and professors characterizes the PPA, and its activities are actually financed by the full membership fees paid not only by parents but also by professors.
Parents and professors meet every year at more than 40 local meetings nationwide to exchange information, thus building a strong network to support students in order to continue their study under ideal conditions.

Industry, Government and Academia Collaboration Council

The Industry, Government and Academia Collaboration Council has developed continuously since its establishment in 1991 as the Technology and Information Promotion. It has led information exchanges with industry and public institutions concerning education and research, technology and employment, promoting understanding and friendship. The Council in its current form was inaugurated in 2014 with the aim of contributing to industry, the regional community and the development of CIT. Executives selected from the Center for Industry, Government and Academia Collaboration organized by the President and from the Industry, Government and Academia Collaboration Council form an executive committee to draft business plans. By publicizing these activities widely, we promote joint research with industry and funded research as well as education and research, thereby fulfilling CIT’s mission of contributing to society. With the approval of 86 of its members (as of May 2016), we will continue to promote the activities of the Industry, Government, and Academia Collaboration Council.