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Tsudanuma Campus

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The Tsudanuma Campus has many buildings containing laboratories, lecture rooms, and lecture halls equipped with advanced facilities. 3rd and 4th year undergraduate and graduate students study on this campus. The landscaped campus has attractive pathways lined with gingko trees. The Akarenga, or red brick gate, is a familiar landmark among local people and was designated a national tangible cultural property in 1998 for its contribution to the historical landscape. Redevelopment of the campus is currently under way and new twin tower buildings are core plan of constructing: Building No.2 was completed in August 2008, and Building No.1 was completed in March 2011.
Building No. 4 was reopened after refurbishment in May 2012. In addition to an engineering center, a materials analysis room, laboratory, and offices, it also has a lounge, a common room, an exclusive room for women, and other places for students to interact.

No.1 Building(left)・No.2 Building(right)

Rear Gate(tangible cultural property)

No.7 Building

Main Gate

No.4 Building

No.5 Building

No.6 Building

No.8 Building

No.3 Building