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CIT has a stock of around 230,000 books and 3,200 academic journals in two libraries on the Tsudanuma and Shin-Narashino Campuses. The two libraries are connected online so that users can search, borrow, and return books at either library. Students can access various services, such as an online journal for gathering the latest academic information, copying service for collecting reference materials, and a wide array of audio-visual data and equipment. There is a space for students to study by themselves or in groups, borrowing notebook computers if needed.

Computer Room

CIT has two computer rooms in Shin-Narashino Campus and three rooms in the Tsudanuma Campus. All rooms are available for learning of the ICT freely at time without the lecture. One computer room of the Tsudanuma Campus is private cloud facility that contains 180 client workstations and 27 servers using VMware and Linux. User is able to program a network and the cloud applications or to administrate server system. Four other rooms can use various application such as MS Office or Adobe Master Collections, AutoCAD, Autodesk Maya, Bio-tools with Windows7-based PC facilities.(292 in Shibazono, 221 in Tsudanuma) Particularly, the rooms of Shin-Narashino Campus are managed by the desktop cloud service (DaaS) using the datacenter out of the campus from 2011.

Engineering Center・Students’ Workshop

The engineering center is on the Tsudanuma Campus, and it can be used by all students and faculty for producing prototypes, specimens, molding work and so on. The facilities are equipped with everything from standard machine tools to state-of-the-art computer controlled water jet cutters and so on. Here, students receive instruction in processing technology. Components and devices for research and educational purposes that are ordered by other departments are also fabricated here. The Students’ workshop is a facility in Shin-Narashino Campus where individual students can make whatever they like and practice for classes. Students can learn the basics of manufacturing through personal exploration using the tools and machinery.

Soho Dormitory・Tsubaki Dormitory

In 2014, new student dormitories were built on the Shin-Narashino Campus, including a women’s dormitory which is a rarity for a technology institute. The Soho-ryo dormitory accommodates about 500 men, and the Tsubaki-ryo dormitory accommodates about 50 women. In principle, first and second year undergraduates qualify to live in a dormitory. Each room is 10 m2 with a bed, a desk, bookshelves, an air conditioner and storage space. Shared facilities include a cafeteria, bath, shower room, coin laundry, public spaces and so on. Care is taken to provide nutritionally balanced breakfast and dinner menus.

Training Center

Onjuku Training Center

Located in a nature-rich environment close to the sea, the Center is carefully designed to provide opportunities for students to meet and enjoy learning.

Karuizawa Training Center

Located on a prime site at the Karuizawa resort in Nagano Prefecture, the Center is available for seminars and club camps.