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Message on reappointment by President Kazuhito Komiya

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The Chiba Institute of Technology (CIT), Japan’s oldest private university for engineering and technology, will be celebrating its seventy-fifth anniversary next year. CIT has steadily developed since its establishment in 1942 under the prewar university system, and has sent more than 80,000 graduates out into society so far. CIT is an extremely large university, not only for Japan but also globally. I would like to offer a few remarks upon reappointing the president of CIT.

Now I believe we can sum up the status of CIT in a single word: thriving. For example, CIT has done a great deal to solve the problem of dropouts and grade repeaters CIT began to address as an urgent task after I became president in June 2012, largely thanks to collaborative efforts involving faculty and other staff members.

CIT has improved our teaching skills through faculty and staff development, and the perceptions of faculty members have also begun to change. I am pleased above all at how the atmosphere is so full of energy and confidence.

CIT has seen a remarkable increase in our number of applicants for the entrance examination. CIT had 76,495 applicants last year. This was the highest number since our founding and this was rankings the ninth among all Japanese universities. The success of departure for educational and research innovations has been a great driving force in elevating CIT's fame around the high school students.

CIT has already been successful at reaching those students with experience studying abroad. In addition, CIT has concluded a number of cooperation agreements with overseas universities, as outlined in the “Chiba Institute of Technology Vision for Globalization (Internationalization Policies)” announced in July 2014. In the last three years, CIT has entered into new exchange agreements with more than seventeen universities that are in the top ten percent in their countries or regions to enhance our study abroad and overseas internship programs. The number of international students from top-ranked affiliated oversea schools has also risen, giving our campuses an even more international ambience. CIT will continue to provide chances for our students to study abroad, to promote education programs for the overseas students and to conduct the educational and research corroborations of foreign universities.

In this spring, the Faculty of Engineering's six departments was reorganized into three faculties — Engineering, Creative Engineering, and Advanced Engineering — with a total of twelve departments. So CIT was reborn as a university with five faculties and seventeen departments. CIT is a university that not only has traditions, but one that always takes on new challenges and continues to evolve. CIT will continue to endeavor to surmount difficult issues such as "the Japanese university's 2018 problem" — the predicted great decline in Japanese university enrollment due to the declining population — and affiliations between high schools and universities.

I will have a thorough understanding of competitive society to aim higher and proceeding in positive directions. Our graduates will truly feel pride in their alma mater. I will be trusted and loved by the people of the community and the world. I believe CIT should continue to be that kind of university. As part of my efforts to achieve that goal, I will work to strategically develop CIT's educations and researches, promptly undertaking evaluations and restructuring of existing policies while working on various new policies. I would like to close these remarks with a heartfelt request for everyone’s support and cooperation.

29th June 2016

President Kazuhito Komiya, Ph.D.